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Video Examples of Activities in the  Montessori Kids Studio


Click on the "cc" button if you would like to see the closed captions on each video.

Excerpt from one of  my Montessori Kids Studio "Music & Art" Lessons

10:57 min

"Largo" (slow) and "Presto" (fast) in music  and the element of "Shape" in art

Phonetic Language Activity: "Make your own Sandpaper Letter with Glitter"

8:47 min

Exploring the letter sound "c" through Art and Music with the Montessori Method

Intro to the Montessori Outdoor Classroom and How Children Benefit Cognitively

4:44 min

An overview of Outdoor Activities in every domain of learning.

Come Join in The Fun

1:00 minute

A quick look at what fun we've been having at Montessori Kids Studio.

Come join us!

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